Patrick LaFontaine

I am a PhD student in CS at Purdue University, studying programming languages, formal methods, automated reasoning, program synthesis, and refinement types advised by Professors Ben Delaware.

During my undergrad at Cornell Univeristy, I worked in the APL reseach group on bringing the proposed Gallifrey Programming Language for distributed programming to life. I finished my time in Ithaca as a member of the Capra research group where I worked on designing a DSL for the CPU-GPU interface in Rust.

I have also interned at IBM Research working on NLP models for corpus conversion.

Occasionally I spend my free time(procrasinate) by adding features and tooling to the Bril(Big Red Intermediate Language) compiler ir. I help maintain a rust crate called LALRPOP for parser generation and often like to make contributions to other crates that I use.


I currently co-lead the PurPL seminar and hold the role of webmaster for the PurPL website.


I have TA'd for the following courses at Purdue University: